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        Canada Action cancels its convoy to Ottawa

        January 14, 2019

        Calgary – Canada Action, one of the organizing groups behind a protest convoy to Ottawa, has put the brakes on its plans. It was one of two convoys planned to depart ...

        Trudeau confirms coal equivalency agreement

        January 14, 2019

        Regina – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed on Jan. 11 that the federal government and the government of Saskatchewan have reached an equivalency agreement for carbon ...

        Trudeau responds to oilpatch protests

        January 14, 2019

        Regina – Protests, rallies and convoys have popped up in almost every significant oilpatch community since the middle of December 2018, and even more are being planned, ...

        Build That Pipeline, an anthem for protests

        January 7, 2019

        High River, Alta. – “So build that pipeline, build that pipeline, Alberta’s lifeline “Build that pipeline, just build that pipeline, and bring us back to prosperity.” ...